Route Prepping

Part of the fun of travelling for 2.5 months is having the luxury of not planning everything in detail. If your holiday only lasts a week or two, you have no time to lose, so deciding where to go when is the smart thing to do. On the other hand, if time is on your side, there’s always the risk of “wasting” it. I decided my happy medium would be to prepare my route to a certain extent. Especially since I want to combine the west coast (where I haven’t been yet) with some highlights from the centre AND east where I’ve already been back in 2009.

The result? A route that covers all aspects of Australia’s beauty: white beaches, red outback, ancient forests, and cute wildlife. Not bad, I’d say. 😀 I haven’t booked any hostels yet, except for the first few nights in Perth, so I’m flexible in that respect. But I did book a bunch of tours already, mostly because some of them only leave once a week, and well… I’m Dutch and this way I could get a discount. 😉
Getting curious? Just take a closer look at the Google map below or read my itinerary:
> Perth
> Esperance (6-day tour via Wave Rock, Valley of the Giants and more)
> Perth
> Rottnest Island
> Perth
> Exmouth (5-day tour via the Pinnacles, Kalbarri NP and Coral Bay)
> Broome (4-day tour via Karijini NP)
> Alice Springs (flying via Perth)
> Uluru, King’s Canyon & Coober Pedy (6-day tour through the red centre)
> Adelaide
> Kangaroo Island (2-day tour)
> Adelaide
> Great Ocean Road (3-day tour)
> Melbourne
> Philip Island
> Melbourne
> flying to Tasmania (6-day tour)
> flying to Sydney
> flying to Brisbane
> Fraser Island (5-day tour including 2 days there and back by bus)
> Brisbane
> flying back home with a few hours of leg-stretching in Abu Dhabi!