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Feel free to read some of the blogs I wrote during my 2.5 months of travelling across Australia (Oct – Dec 2016).

Or just have a look at the gallery, where you can see I have a soft spot for sunsets and sunrises.



The boy’s face was pale and his cheeks were slightly hollow – showing versus telling

Bran took his car keys from the ignition and flipped through the file he got from the children’s court. Both parents were still in the picture, that was something at least. Mum had psychological difficulties, but the most acute problems came from dad’s alcohol abuse and his loose hands.  Their 15-year-old son Mark had had …

‘If I remove the batteries, it will always stay today’

Bran rolled the gemstone between his fingers. He didn’t know where Niko got his facts from, but his friend had told him quite convincingly that the goldstone would give him positive energy and resourcefulness.  A yawn escaped his mouth. He could definitely use those additional powers coming period. He put the stone under his pillow, …



I can’t help it, I just love to take pictures of sunsets, sunrises, and trees. Especially when I’m travelling. Stunning landscapes in general are fine by me too. ^^

Below you can find a selection of pictures I took during my most recent trip, a 2.5-month adventure in Australia (October to December 2016):