Services – How can I help you?

Language, online visibility and reach

Isn’t language your strong suit? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I’d love to help you out with: 


€0.35 per word (ex. VAT)

I’d love to write for you:

  • (SEO / search engine friendly web) texts
  • E-books / lead magnets
  • Challenges
  • Blog posts
Example e-book online writing course BackWords

Online marketing

From €750 per campaign (ex. VAT) – prices depend on the amount of ad groups and keywords.

I’ll set up:

  • Entire Google Ads campaigns
  • Entire Bing Ads campaigns

I’ll write for you:

  • Facebook Ads ad texts

Editorial work

€0.03 per word (ex. VAT)

I’ll check and correct:

  • (Web) texts
  • E-books / lead magnets
  • Manuscripts
  • Blog posts

Text correction includes spelling, punctiation, language and syntax.

When editing manuscripts, I also pay attention to things like plot, character development, story structure, tension arcs, and of course continuity errors.

Personal writing advice

Prices depend on your exact wishes.

Are you still having doubts about sending your manuscript to a publisher? Or are you insecure if you’re on the right track with your story.

A personal writing advice can help. I will take a closer look at your writing style. For example, how are you using the principle ‘show, don’t tell’, dialogs, tension arcs, descriptions, character development, and perspective?

How does it work? You would send me a couple of chapters from your manuscript (between 3,000 and 8,000 words), after which I make a thorough analysis. My detailed report will not only help you with the text I looked at but also with the rest of your manuscript.

My rate for a personal writing advice is €25 per 1,000 words (excl. VAT), plus €50 for the detailed report (excl. VAT). This means that for a manuscript of 5,000 words, the total would be €175 (excl. VAT, €211.75 incl. VAT)

Translation work

€0.10 per word (ex. VAT)

I’ll translate:

  • English-Dutch
  • Dutch-English

Your own e-learning platform

Prices depend on your exact wishes.

Are you thinking about creating your own online courses? In that case, I can also help you out with the following website tools:

Build an online academy / e-learning platform

The learning management systeem (LMS) LearnDash is de ideal tool to add your own online academy or e-learning platform to your WordPress website. I can build you this digital learning environment.

Set up marketing automation

Using Drip, I can set your marketing automation workflows and e-mail campaigns as desired. Think of a potential client who signs up for your e-book and follows a specific route within your client funnel depending on his/her subsequent actions.

Example Drip workflow

Create opt-in forms

Using Thrive Leads, I can create opt-in forms on your website which can be connected to Drip.

Set up chatbot

I can help you set up your chatbot via ManyChat. Your followers will receive automated sequences from Facebook Messenger which they can influence by giving specific answers to the chatbot. Another possibility is to trigger a specific ManyChat sequence when someone starts working on a new module from your online course.

ManyChat, LearnDash and Drip can be connected via Zapier and WP Fusion. WP Fusion is a super helpful tool to add automated tags to students, depending on their progress.

By connecting the tags which students get in WordPress to Drip, you can make sure that only selected people have access to specific (course) pages. Or that a congratulations e-mail is sent as soon as someone completes a module.

Example chatbot messages online writing course BackWords

Use gamification

Enrich your online course by using gamification. Motivate your students by giving them badges via BadgeOS. For example: when they complete modules.

Example badges online writing course BackWords

If you’ve got any questions or you would like to get more information, please feel free to contact me via